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Gemini: Dawn of Rendezvous

gemini: dawn of rendezvous 
Learning to rendezvous and dock two spacecraft in orbit was critical to the success of the Apollo moon missions. NASA's manned Gemini program was designed to develop that skill using an unmanned Agena upper stage as a target vehicle. Your guests can re-create this moment in history with Gemini: Dawn of Rendezvous. With spectacular views of the Earth and the gleaming Agena from 220 miles high, your guests will experience a unique and exciting moment as they bring the two pioneering spacecraft together.

Drive the Saturn V
With the piloting help of the critical Guidance, Navigation, and Control functions of the Instrument Unit, or IU, the Saturn 5’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd stages propelled the Apollo spacecraft into orbit. From launch through Trans-lunar Injection (TLI), the I-U’s Guidance and Navigation systems provide information on where the spacecraft is, and how to get to the target orbit. The IU control function uses that information to steer the vehicle. In Drive the Saturn V, guests take over the Control function and steer the rocket toward the end of the TLI burn. Are they up to the challenge? Then let’s go where no man has gone before!

Lunar Contact!

Lunar Contact! Landing the Apollo Lunar Module
Interest in the Moon is growing! Your guests can share in the excitement of landing on another world with Lunar Contact! Landing the Apollo Lunar Module. Lunar Contact! offers an exhilarating simulation of the final minutes of landing the Apollo Lunar Module (LM) at the spectacular Hadley Rille site. Invite your guests to take command of the LM and join the astronaut adventure!

Hadley Dock Sim

Docking Over Hadley
IAfter working on the Moon, Apollo crews had to return to their command ship in lunar orbit. Take control of the Apollo Command and Service Modules and experience the final minutes of rendezvous with the Lunar Module Ascent Stage, high over the Hadley Rille, landing site of Apollo 15. The LM crew has done their job, landing on the moon and collecting rock samples for analysis back on earth. Now it's your turn - dock properly, and you're on your way home!

Discovery Final Approach Sim 

discovery: final approach
Invite your guests to share a one-of-a-kind experience through Discovery: Final Approach. Landing the Space Shuttle can be quite a challenge - this is no ordinary aircraft, after all - so choose your skill level and get ready for an exciting ride! For many years our most popular title, Discovery offers an exhilarating, hands-on simulation of the final minutes of landing a Shuttle, with high-resolution visual and audio effects that immerse the "pilot" in the astronaut adventure!

Docking With Destiny Sim

Most of the International Space Station was built using the Space Shuttle to bring up new pieces, and safely guiding the quarter-million-pound Space Shuttle to a gentle docking with the giant Station was a job that demanded skill and precision. Invite your guests to try their hand at Docking with Destiny. With spectacular views of the Earth and the Space Station from 220 miles high, they will experience a unique and exciting experience as they bring the two great spacecraft together!

Hubble Grapple

a call to rms
The Remote Manipulator System (RMS) is a versatile robotic arm that supports both construction and operations aboard the International Space Station. Guests can try it for themselves with A Call to RMS! A view of the slowly-spinning Earth provides a spectacular backdrop for this exercise in grappling a set of free-flying satellites from inside the Space Station's cupola. Each grapple is a little more challenging than the last, allowing the operator to gain experience and confidence as the simulation progresses.

A Call to RMS is also offered in a dual language Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) version, titled Working in XYZ Space. This version teaches some simple 3D math concepts and includes the ability to select English or an alternative language.

Orion Docking Sim 

Space Station Rendezvous: Guiding Orion
With the Space Shuttle's retirement, NASA is building America's next generation spacecraft, called Orion. Guiding Orion offers guests a chance to experience what it might be like to pilot the Orion on a conceptual mission to the International Space Station by using joysticks to fire its reaction control thrusters, guide it smoothly through the final 100 feet of rendezvous, and successfully dock with the giant Station! With spectacular views of the Earth and the Space Station from 220 miles high, your guests will experience a unique and exciting moment as they bring the two great spacecraft together.

Return to Camelot Sim 

Return To Camelot
Someday, Americans will return to the surface of the Moon. Guests can imagine what it might be like to visit one of the original Apollo sites, perhaps to retrieve hardware for scientific evaluation after 40 years on the moon! Return to Camelot puts your guests at the controls of a lunar landing craft, and their mission is to make a precision landing near the Camelot crater in the Taurus-Littrow valley, site of the last Apollo lunar mission in 1972. Return to Camelot offers an engaging, exhilarating experience that demonstrates some of the challenges of landing on another world!

Hubble Grapple

hubble grapple
After a carefully executed series of rendezvous maneuvers, the Shuttle Orbiter is parked near the gleaming Hubble Space Telescope. You are at the controls of the Shuttle's robot arm, ready to grapple the telescope and park it in the Shuttle's cargo bay for servicing. The mission's success depends on your skill and steady hands...good luck!

Capture The Hubble

capture the hubble
Invite your guests to settle into a Maneuvering Unit "jetpack" and experience the heart-pounding thrill and breathtaking views of Capture the Hubble! Intended for commercial of other high-throughput venues, this fun and unique attraction challenges your guests to imagine themselves 300 miles above Earth, where the Hubble Space Telescope awaits its servicing mission. The goal: to grapple the Hubble and return it to the Space Shuttle's cargo bay before time, sunlight and jetpack fuel run out!

Thats The Spirit Sim

That's the Spirit!
Imagine there is a major Martian dust storm headed for a base on Mars, while one of the remote data-gathering rover craft called Spirit has become lost out in the field. Your guests’ job is to fly a jetpack with a computer-generated search team to locate and mark the Spirit's position before the storm reaches the base! That's the Spirit! requires quick thinking, logic, and maybe a bit of luck, while demonstrating an application of triangulation with the search team to help locate the rover. It is suitable for all skill levels, but due to the unique characteristics of jetpack flight and the Martian terrain, it will be most rewarding to ages 10 and above.

Scrambler Sim 

Imagine there's a dangerous asteroid headed for Earth, and the decision has been made to destroy it with a missile-based energy weapon. The missile is to be carried aloft by a special high-speed aircraft called Scrambler, and you have been selected to pilot the mission! The Scrambler! is based on an actual proposed research aircraft. The flow includes taxi, takeoff, a special maneuver to set up the missile release trajectory, and return to the landing field. It is suitable for all skill levels, but will be most rewarding for those with a patient hand and some flying skill.

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